What does it do?

Dynamic Room Purge Technology significantly enhances existing room ventilation systems and can be installed in minutes. Our technology purges respiratory aerosols, including bacterial and viral pathogens, from the Breathing Zone. Whereby, purified air from the AirBox Purifier is projected above the Breathing Zone using high velocity laminar air stream. Leveraging our cleanroom experience, this purified air is then forced downward through the Breathing Zone as the result of two mechanisms; Entrainment with the downward flow of HVAC supply air from the ceiling, and the negative pressure below the breathing zone created by the purifier intake. The effectiveness of this second mechanism is substantially improved by the presence of low wall return. The displaced pathogens are diluted by the purified air and subsequently eliminated as they are removed by the purifier. The cycle is continuous and the Dynamic Room Purge Technology increases the air exchange rate by 2-5 times, depending on the size of the room and the number of Airbox Purifiers deployed, far exceeding ASHRAE air exchange requirements of standard room ventilation systems alone.