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Every space is unique. Creating customized safe air solutions for every space and environment requires a range of commercial air purifiers with varying outputs and use cases. Learn about the entire lineup within the AirBox air filtration family.

The Airbox Commercial Air Purifier Lineup

Peak Series

The Peak Series is the large-sized single-room commercial grade air purifier in the AirBox family. Designed to be a semi-portable solution that can be deployed in minutes, the Peak produces a maximum of 425 CFM.


The smaller and more portable single-room air filtration system from AirBox, Mesa is lighter and more compact than Peak-S. Yet it still produces powerful airflow, maxing out at 375 CFM.


Apex 2.0

The Apex 2.0 is AirBox’s primary safe air solution for larger commercial spaces and high-traffic locations. The pinnacle of clean air technology, the Apex 2.0 is an industrial-grade solution providing the purest air money can buy.


The Summit is AirBox’s ducted air purifier, designed for use in the interstitial ceiling space of a room where a freestanding unit is impractical, providing vertical laminar airflow from the ceiling similar to standard cleanrooms.

AIRBOX air purifier filters germ odor HEPA


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