Clean Air For Life Program

Clean Air For Life Program

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From: $49.99 every 3 months

Sign up to the Clean Air for Life Program and you will never have to worry about when to change filters again. They will just automatically show up at your door on time and with no charge for Shipping. Choose your Refresh Kit filters below. You may modify your Refresh Kit choice and delivery schedule at anytime by accessing your account.

You will be charged for your initial Refresh Kit delivery and then charged again every 3 months when your next Refresh Kit is shipped. Free Shipping!

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Your AIRBOX™ is designed and built to serve you for a lifetime. Your subscription to our Clean Air for Life Program will allow it to serve you at its best. Sign Up now.

Benefits of Clean Air for Life Program

  • Assures your AirBox continuously performs at its highest level.
  • Free Shipping of Refresh kits
  • Discounted filter pricing
  • No need to remember when to change, replacement filters arrive on the schedule you request.

*For optimum AIRBOX™ operation, we recommend changing carbon and antimicrobial filters a minimum of every 90 days.

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