Myths About Air Purifiers Debunked

Myths About Air Purifiers Debunked

Myths About Air Purifiers Debunked

Many people, especially those with allergies, often wonder if it is worth the money or upkeep to have air purifiers in the home. The simple answer when asking “Do they work?” is a resounding “Yes,” but that doesn’t address why, or any of the more common myths.

Here are some widespread myths associated with air purifiers and the truth of the matter.

Myth 1: Air purifiers will prevent me from having to dust.

For this to be accurate, the air purifier would have to have the suction power to lift dust from furniture, creating a mini-dust storm in the home, which is the furthest thing an allergy sufferer would want/need.

Myth 2: If my air purifier keeps out 0.3-micron size particles or larger, I’m good.

While 0.3 microns is the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) standard, you should be concerned about smaller particles in your room/house, as well. Many air purification systems do not have the “stopping power” to prevent smaller particles from coming through (as small as .01 microns). For this reason, we have a final stage of air filtration associated with our AirBox technology to remove these smaller particles, rather than stay with filtering out the standard 0.3-micron size particles or larger that other air purification systems use.

Myth 3: If I run my air purification system at a reduced speed, it will save on my electric bill and the life of the fan motor.

When we test the unit (which we do with every unit that leaves our facility after production), we do a power-draw test. They consume about 64 watts of power when they’re functioning at maximum capacity, which is for most people, about 20 cents a day when converted to a power bill.

Myth 4: AirBox doesn’t really keep me from getting sick – no air purification system can do that!

The AirBox filters remove pathogens from the air of your home or office. Most viruses can be as small as 0.01 micron and when breathed/coughed into the air, can get larger. The simple science shows that AirBox keeps people from getting sick as a result of air contamination.

Myth 5: HEPA filters are the industry standard and therefore the way to go.

The fact is that AirBox has a flow rate that is 2-10 times better than other competitor’s products, including those with HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters. When you see the percentage-rating associated with most HEPA filters, that number is associated with the percentage of particles they capture, however, the higher that rate, the lower the overall flow rate. AirBox filters are HEPA certified. When you see “95.0% Filter” on our products instead of HEPA filter, it does not mean you’re getting a lower quality product but rather a better one. Net particle removal is more important than retention efficiency.

Not all air purification systems are the same, but having one greatly reduces sickness, asthma attacks and allergies. While having one is a good investment, it’s also important to have the right one. Give us a call or email us today to see how we can help you achieve healthy breathing through AirBox air purifier technology with one of our highly effective units.

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