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At AirBox, we’re passionate about providing safe air solutions to clients across the spectrum of commercial facilities. From schools to courthouses to medical offices, AirBox provides clean, safe air that’s scientifically verified to be 99.99% effective in particle removal.

Our safe air solutions also provide peace of mind since they’re visible in any space AirBox protects. Customers, staff, patients, students, and parents can breathe easier when they see AirBox solutions placed throughout your environment.

While we’re happy to serve clients in any kind of commercial space, we specialize in four industries: Education, Government, Corporate, and Healthcare.

Industries We Serve


Safe, clean air is crucial in educational environments, from K-12 schools to higher ed. Now, more than ever, schools, districts, and administrations are concerned about particulates and air quality due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing challenges caused to education.

School leaders at every level are looking for clean air solutions that can effectively capture SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) particles from the air — not to mention other substances, like mold, mildew, odors, and allergens.

Yet the education sector presents unique challenges. Many buildings are older, making access to ductwork challenging and sometimes impractical during the academic year. Even buildings with accessible HVAC systems can’t afford to go offline for significant system upgrades when classes are in session.

At AirBox, we provide safe air solutions that don’t require complex ductwork or building modifications. We create Safe Air Plans for schools and then execute those plans with minimal disruption. Our freestanding in-room purifiers can be deployed in just minutes, without disrupting education delivery.


Government facilities face numerous challenges in terms of clean air. Many government buildings, like schools, are older or even historic, making access to ductwork a challenge or even an outright impossibility (short of a major renovation or restoration).

Additionally, many government buildings see significant numbers of people cycling through. And due to the nature of some government services, some buildings regularly host people who may be sick or contagious or who have recently traveled. In some cases, people are coming for treatment or testing. In others, they’re coming for critical appointments that would be difficult to reschedule and may choose to come even when ill.

AirBox is uniquely suited to provide safe air solutions for government buildings. We’ll craft a Safe Air Plan for every space you want to protect, delivering a 3-5 page engineering document outlining exactly how to implement AirBox solutions. Our efficient commercial HEPA filtration units reduce pollutants, allergens, and airborne viruses and bacteria, creating cleaner air and providing peace of mind to the public and government employees alike.


Healthcare organizations deal with a mix of all factors mentioned across the above industries:

– Peace of mind for staff, patients, and loved ones 
– Multiple environments and complex spaces 
– A regular stream of high-risk and contagious people entering facilities

In addition, leaders at healthcare facilities have greater sensitivity to safety and cleanliness in general, given the nature of their work.

The need for safe, clean air in healthcare is critical, as is the need for durable solutions that perform well with minimal interaction or management.

Clean air solutions from AirBox offer a high clean air delivery rate (between 300 and 1500 CFM) and are built to run 24/7 — exactly what hospitals and urgent care facilities need. With a lifetime warranty on materials and craftsmanship, healthcare leaders can rest assured they’re getting clean air solutions built to last.

AirBox is compliant with the FDA air purifier enforcement policy for use during COVID-19 but has not been reviewed by the FDA as a medical device and does not hold a 510(k) clearance.  AirBox is not a negative air machine and is not cleared for use in airborne infectious isolation rooms.


Business leaders face unique challenges surrounding indoor air. Faced with dual goals of keeping their own teams as safe as possible in the workplace and reassuring customers and clients about air quality, corporate leaders need a commercial-grade safe air solution.

From the factory floor to the office to the sales floor, AirBox can provide clean air solutions for nearly any corporate environment.

Our engineering team can work with you to establish your needs and use cases. Then we’ll put together a Safe Air Plan for your facility, which will outline the AirBox products and deployment configurations needed.

Whether you need to ensure clean air in an industrial setting or you’re looking to provide safety and peace of mind in your corporate offices, AirBox is ready to serve you.

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