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Understand that we don’t just sell air purifiers: we provide end-to-end safe air solutions.

That means every sale starts with a Safe Air Plan. Our engineers will work with you to determine what your space and environment requires for truly clean air. Then we’ll put together a sales package customized to meet your needs.

If you’re ready to get started with your Safe Air Plan so you can get your space outfitted with the best in clean air technology, you can reach us now by phone or email.

Become A Distributor

We are actively seeking authorized resellers and distributors in all regions of the USA. If you’re an HVAC supplier, general contractor, or other business in the construction or utilities industries, consider the advantages of adding AirBox to your suite of available solutions.

AirBox offers air purification that’s FDA compliant for use during COVID-19, with independent lab testing resulting in 99.99% (4-log reduction) efficiency at removing viruses, pathogens, and harmful particles. Becoming an AirBox distributor can make you more valuable to clients in industries and applications concerned with air safety (and increase your average ticket or contract in the process).

What makes AirBox stand out from the competition? Other commercial air purifiers on the market are nearly all in-duct, requiring significant prep and installation. AirBox offers an in-duct unit, but its primary focus is on freestanding units that can be deployed in hours or days, not months.

AirBox provides the world’s best air purifiers that last a lifetime. There is no product in the marketplace that can compare to AirBox. As a distributor you can create an additional revenue stream outside of your core business structure, and introduce HEPA filtration and the proven technology to your client base. 

Ready to explore a partnership with the world leaders in improving building ventilation and mitigation of airborne disease transmission?

With AirBox, you’ll have something to offer nearly every client, fitting any scenario.

Start Your Safe Air Plan Now

The first step towards safe air throughout your school, facility, or business is assessing your needs. Ready to start your Safe Air Plan? Fill in the information requested below, and a member of our team will reach out soon!