When used properly, an air purifier combats a host of contaminants and dangers in the home or office. Most people recognize their use purely for improved air quality, but the long-term effects of an air purifier go beyond air quality to personal health and life quality. The main way to get the most out of an air purifier is to make sure it remains properly maintained, cleaned, and serviced. An air purifier that has dirty filters is liable to do more harm than good.

Make sure the air purifier is cleaned and operating at the highest condition when spring begins. Air purifiers battle known airborne allergens such as pollen, mold, pet dander, and dust. The air purifier collects these allergens, helping to ease symptoms in those with allergies. As spring brings more pollen, make sure the air purifier is near to catch allergens that come in from the outdoors.

By collecting allergens and other airborne pollutants, air purifiers reduce exposure to the microscopic particles that cause fatigue, dizziness, headaches, and irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat. It is especially important to use the air purifier during the winter to prevent diseases and other physical ailments. Germs that cause the flu, cold or other illnesses often enter the body through the air. Air purifiers collect and eliminate these bacteria and viruses before they have the chance to infect the entire family. An air purifier in a child’s room helps remove these germs at their source since children are notorious germ magnets.

When it is time to dust the house, turn on the air purifier. The air purifier captures dust in the air kicked up from dusting and prevents dust from settling in the home. Germs, allergens, and other particles that cause illness and health problems reside in dust.

Pets are great, but they cause allergies, unpleasant odors, and leave hair everywhere. Use the air purifier near where the dog or cat sleep and spends most of its time to trap bad smells, pet dander, and hair. Air purifiers are especially helpful near cat litter boxes to remove pollutants and smells from the air caused by the cat.

Candles may seem like an ideal solution to a home plagued by bad smells from pets, or food. Candles and other fragrances merely cover the smell for a short time and don’t do anything to freshen or clean the air. Station the air purifier near the diaper hamper or kitchen trash can so it can trap the odor particles and actively clean the air while removing the odor.

Natural disasters such as floods and wildfires wreak havoc on the world around them. Even if they are far away from a home and no physical effects are experienced, natural disasters cause harm in other ways. Floods and wildfires release toxins into the air by disrupting earth. Smoke is especially for those with respiratory problems, the elderly, and children.

The air is an important factor in health and life quality. By protecting and cleaning the air in a home, the occupants are protecting themselves from health issues and ultimately creating a better living space through fresh air. Browse the AirBox Air Purifier website for more information on the benefits of an air purifier.