Safe Air at Your Medical Office:
Healthy Air for Everyone

You Can Mitigate the Spread of Airborne Pathogens

Medical facilities are some of the most challenging environments for safe air due to the steady stream of both high-risk and contagious visitors. Multiple space types like offices, lobbies, reception areas, and consultation rooms have differing needs and uses, adding to the complexity.

AirBox can help you neutralize airborne threats and keep breathing air clean, no matter how complex your healthcare facility.

We’ll work with you to create a Safe Air Plan that’s engineered for your facilities and guaranteed to improve your indoor air quality (IAQ) using scientifically proven HEPA filtration. Our industrial grade air purifiers are 99.99% effective in removing airborne particulates such as allergens, bacteria, and viruses.

You need your facilities to be as safe as possible for the sake of your patients, healthcare professionals, and their loved ones. You want your visitors and employees to have the peace of mind that they are breathing the cleanest, healthiest air possible. If you’re ready to be proactive about the air quality of your medical facilities, our team can begin building your Safe Air Plan today, showing you exactly how to implement AirBox air purifiers so that you gain clean, safe air throughout your facilities.

AirBox Is the Best Solution for Your Medical Office’s IAQ

Here’s what sets us apart and why AirBox is your ideal safe air solution.

We provide a true engineered solution, customized to fit the needs of your space.

Our solutions adhere to US Government, OSHA, and CDC guidelines, as well as all ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards for commercial clean rooms.

Our solutions are scientifically proven to remove >99.99% of all particles, including RNA viruses such as SAR-COV-2 (Covid-19).

We utilize a scientifically proven technology (certified HEPA) that has been a standard in labs, cleanrooms, hospitals, airlines, and more.

Our customers have complete wireless, multi-unit control of their system. They also have the ability to schedule only during occupied times, saving money on maintenance and energy.

Our commercial packages include a branding kit to give patients and visitors peace of mind about the breathing air quality of your medical facility.

We help with the application and placement of devices to tailor our products to the needs of your space.

Our solutions are portable, low maintenance, and work with your existing structures, air handlers, and duct work.

We provide the best warranty in the business: Lifetime Warranty on material & workmanship, 5 Year Warranty on fan & motor.

Our products are American made

Lifelong access to AirBox’s IAQ Engineers and Experts.

Case Study

We helped this dental practice reopen post-pandemic by adhering to the American Dental Association’s (ADA) guidance for COVID-19 response with an efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective solution. Recommendations included:

  • Properly maintain ventilation systems
  • Consult an HVAC professional to investigate increasing filtration efficiency without diminishing airflow
  • Consider the use of a portable HEPA air filtration unit while the patient is actively undergoing, and immediately following, an aerosol-generating procedure, reducing particle count including droplets in the room and turnover time instead of relying on the HVAC system capacity

After thorough research, our client determined that portable HEPA air purifiers were the most cost-effective solution. AirBox developed a Safe Air Plan to address all of these concerns. We deployed eleven high capacity air purifiers, providing more than enough cubic feet per minute (CFM) to disrupt, displace and remove airborne particulates.

  • AirBox purifiers were placed in each operating room, lobby/waiting room, general work area, and office.
  • AirBox provided the air movement needed and increased ventilation equivalent per CDC and OSHA recommendations.
  • AirBox provided the best overall ROI compared with the cost of HVAC renovation.
  • AirBox’s solution required minimal maintenance that was easy to perform and schedule, without reliance on third-party services.

AirBox provided this dental practice with a scientifically proven, sustainable, and cost-effective solution for clean, safe IAQ that exceeded all regulatory conformance standards. And we’re ready to help you achieve the same results for your medical facilities.

Use AirBox in Your Exam & Consultation Rooms

Because these spaces are constantly reused by patients and medical staff, it is critical to provide constant air renewal and purification. AirBox air purifiers can run 24/7, cleaning a room’s air in minutes. And because our solutions are high quality, low maintenance and budget friendly, you can keep the clean air moving for years to come.

Use AirBox in Your Waiting Rooms

The exam room doesn’t have to be the only Safe Air Zone. Make visitors feel right at home with a safe air solution installed right in your waiting room. AirBox air purifiers work constantly to keep the area a safe breathing zone. Keep your staff, and your patients safe while visiting your location. 


“After much research and discussion, I chose AirBox air purifiers because of their quality and best-in-class status. Addressing the quality of the air within the dental practice was always something I was planning to do, and the pandemic just sped up the process for me. I now have confidence knowing that AirBox has created a Safe Air Zone for my employees and patients.”

~ Dr. Pilatch, Catskill Dental Care

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Our team of experts will engineer a Safe Air Plan based on the square footage and occupancy of your facilities.