Safe Air for Government Offices:
Provide Healthy Air and Peace of Mind for Constituents and Staff

You Can Keep Your Offices Safe for Visitors and Staffers

Government offices face unique challenges when it comes to air quality, especially if they are housed in historic buildings with old duct and ventilation systems. The constant stream of visitors often have to wait in lobbies or queue up in lines. And the urgent nature of their business means people will likely come even if they are ill.

Governmental and municipal spaces need a better solution for providing safe, clean air for everyone — even in older buildings.

AirBox provides safe air through its line of commercial-grade air purifiers. Our team will work with you to create a Safe Air Plan that’s custom engineered for your facilities and guaranteed to improve your indoor air quality (IAQ), helping to prevent the spread of airborne infections like COVID-19, regardless of the size or the age of your buildings.

People depend on government facilities for countless urgent meetings and transactions every day. You can’t afford to lose vital employees or close your offices due to illness. You also want to give your visitors and employees peace of mind while inside your buildings.

If you’re ready to be proactive about the air quality in your government offices, our team can begin building your Safe Air Plan today, showing you exactly how to implement AirBox air purifiers so that you gain clean, safe air throughout your facilities.

AirBox Is the Best Solution for Your Government Office IAQ

Here’s what sets us apart and why you’ll want AirBox to handle your office’s safe air solution.

Our solutions are portable, low maintenance, and work with your existing structures, air handlers, and duct work.

Our solutions are scientifically proven to remove >99.99% of all particles, including RNA viruses such as SAR-COV-2 (Covid-19).

We provide a custom, integrated solution, engineered to fit the needs of your space and stay within your budget.

Our solutions adhere to US Government, OSHA, and CDC guidelines, as well as all ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards for commercial clean rooms.

We utilize a scientifically proven technology (certified HEPA) that has been a standard in labs, cleanrooms, hospitals, airlines, and more.

We help with the application and placement of devices to tailor our products to the needs of your space.

Our customers have complete wireless, multi-unit control of their system. They also have the ability to schedule only during occupied times, saving money on maintenance and energy.

Our commercial packages include a branding kit to give visitors peace of mind about the breathing air quality of your facilities.

Our products are made with the highest quality design and components.

We provide the best warranty in the business.

Our products are American made.

Lifelong access to AirBox’s IAQ Engineers and Experts.

Our Clients Love AirBox!

Supreme Court of the State of Florida

Use AirBox in Your Government Office Lobby

The lobby of your government office is a revolving door of visitors and employees, and air quality is crucial to their health and safety. Give the public peace of mind as they move through your buildings with a safe air solution that’s low profile and low maintenance and much easier to implement than the competition.

Use AirBox in Your Internal Offices and Conference Rooms

Your government offices house valuable employees who serve every day to solve problems and keep your local government functioning. Give them the protection they need to do their best work. Create a safe air environment for your employees with a practical solution that’s unobtrusive and can be implemented without invasive installation work.

Contact Us to Learn More about Customizable Solutions for Your Business

Our team of experts will engineer a Safe Air Plan based on the square footage and occupancy of your facilities.