Air purifiers are wonderful ways to improve the health of your home or office. Outside pollutants, chemical cleaners, and secondhand smoke can be cleaned out of your environment by using a proper air filter. Each of these harmful elements can wreak havoc on your health, especially secondhand smoke. If a family member smokes, it is important to purify the surrounding air so that others are not adversely affected. Purifying the air of harmful secondhand smoke is important, especially if there are children in the home. A study by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has found that secondhand smoke exposure causes heart disease and lung cancer in non-smoking adults. It was also found to contribute to sudden infant death syndrome, acute respiratory infections, exacerbated asthma, and decreased lung function in children. This study reveals why purifying the air from secondhand smoke is necessary.

Air Purifiers Are Not Created Equal

If you are in the market for an air purifier, be sure to do your research. For removing secondhand smoke, a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter air purifier is recommended. While many air filters will remove odors and dust, a HEPA filter will eliminate tobacco and other chemicals from smoke. The air purifier will work to collect these particles by sucking air through the vent, through a filter, and then releasing clean air back into the environment. After purchasing a HEPA air purifier, be sure to change the filter regularly for the most benefit.

Determine How Many Air Purifiers Are Needed

Chances are good that more than one air purifier will be needed if you are trying to eliminate secondhand smoke. If you are trying to cleanse the air of only one room, a single unit might be enough. Secondhand smoke tends to travel long distances, so calculate how many square feet you will need to be purified. Air purifiers will be labeled with their recommended square footage to help you determine how many you will need.

Choose an Optimal Location For Your Air Purifier

After purchasing your air purifier, where you place the product in your home will determine how successfully you will remove the secondhand smoke. If you are trying to eliminate smoke from another office or apartment, place the air filter where you believe the draft is entering. Shared space with a smoker is a little more difficult to control, so place the air purifier in a common area to filter the most smoke possible. Be sure the placement is a few feet clear of obstructions such as walls and furniture, as this is where the air purifier will be most effective. The point is to let the air circulate, so be sure it has the room to do so.

Point the Flow Where You’d Like it to Go

In addition to unobstructed air flow, be sure that exit of air flow is pointed in a direction away from the source of the secondhand smoke to ensure that your air purifier is working as efficiently as possible. Also ensure that the clean air is not flowing out windows, into the basement, or in another non-useful location.

Keep it on 24/7

Just like a diet, an air purifier does not work effectively when used intermittently. When an air purifier is turned off, chemicals and debris float around the environment uninterrupted. This means that when you turn your air purifier back on, it must play catch-up to remove toxins from the air. Keeping the purifier’s power on constantly will help ensure the air is clean as part of an ongoing treatment. The good news is that today’s modern air purifiers are energy efficient and use very little electricity.

Change Filters Regularly

Write the filter change date on a calendar where you can always see it. Keep track of the filter replacement, by changing them out at least once annually. If you feel that the workload for your air purifier is too high, change the filters earlier. Some companies also have the option to sign up for automatic filter replacements and will send one at requested increments. Changing the filter is an extremely important step to ensure you air purifier remains functional.

Eliminate Secondhand Smoke

The need to rid your home or office of secondhand smoke cannot be overstated. Multiple studies have shown the detrimental effects of smoking and secondhand smoke, especially with children. If you or those you share your space with cannot quit smoking, buy an air purifier as soon as you can. The health benefits received are well worth the money.