Safe Air at Your School:
Students and Staff Can Breathe Easier

You Can Keep Your Classrooms Safe for Visitors and Staffers

Now more than ever, providing safe air for students, faculty, and staff is critical for educational environments — from early childhood to K-12 schools to higher education. And AirBox is here to do just that.

We’ll put together a Safe Air Plan that’s engineered for your facilities and guaranteed to improve your indoor air quality (IAQ), helping to prevent the spread of airborne infections like COVID-19. 

AirBox air purifiers work to keep kids and teachers safe from not only COVID, but also the flu, colds, and asthma concerns. Our controlled ventilation cleans the air, removing things such as bacteria and mold. 

Safer air leads to fewer sick days, higher test scores, and increased cognitive brain function. Our air purifiers mitigate the risk of all airborne disease transmission, allowing kids to breathe in clean air to create the long-term healthy life they deserve.

You want to protect the halls of learning for your students and staff because you believe the best education happens in person. You also want to give peace of mind to parents and visitors. If you’re ready to be proactive about your school’s air quality, our team can begin building your Safe Air Plan today, showing you exactly how to implement AirBox air purifiers for schools so that you gain clean, safe air throughout your facilities.

AirBox Is the Best Solution for Your School’s IAQ

Here’s what sets us apart and why you’ll want AirBox to handle your school’s safe air solution.

We help with the application and placement of devices to tailor our products to the needs of your space.

Our solutions adhere to US Government, OSHA, and CDC guidelines, as well as all ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards for commercial clean rooms.

We utilize a scientifically proven technology (certified HEPA) that has been a standard in labs, cleanrooms, hospitals, airlines, and more.

Our products are made with the highest quality design and components. We also provide the best warranty in the business.

Our solutions are portable, low maintenance, and work with your existing structures, air handlers, and duct work.

Our partnership with PureAware allows customers to manage and schedule their entire stock of purifiers through Smart Fleet Management®, improving energy efficiency, optimizing lifetime of the filters, and reducing needed maintenance.

Our products are American made.

Lifelong access to AirBox’s IAQ Engineers and Experts.

Case Study

We helped this Texas private school work within a fixed budget to effectively address the IAQ in order to re-open after COVID-19 school closures. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), tiny airborne particles lingering in the air can spread coronavirus. After carefully considering guidelines from the CDC, OSHA, and ASHRAE (American Society for Heating, Refrigerating & Air-Conditioning Engineers), the district facilities management and environmental group targeted the following goals to address air quality

  • Increase air filtration to as high as possible without significantly diminishing designed airflow within HVAC system
  • Use portable high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration to help enhance air cleaning, especially in higher risk areas such as the nurse’s office
  • Introduce portable HEPA air purifiers into the classroom

AirBox developed a Safe Air Plan to address all these concerns and stay within budget. The client wanted a proven method, something that would meet conformance with the US Department of Energy standard. AirBox solutions are based on proven scientific technology, using certified HEPA air filtration to mitigate the spread of airborne pathogens effectively, regardless of composition. The client determined AirBox was the most cost-effective solution for implementing air purifiers for schools considering initial costs, operating costs, and the low cost and simple process of changing filters every six months.

Based on ASHRAE recommendations for classroom sizes (700-800 square feet with up to 20 occupants requires a minimum ventilation rate between 250-300 cubic feet per minute [CFM] of outdoor makeup air for acceptable indoor air quality), AirBox provided the school with the equivalent in fresh recirculated air to disrupt, displace and remove airborne particulate from the breathing zone.

Here’s how:

  • Two AirBox Peak units were placed in each classroom to maximize the air flow and create as much disruption as possible in the targeted breathing zone where respiratory droplets can linger for hours if not addressed.
  • In addition to classroom placement, AirBox is also being used for remediation purposes where indoor air quality issues can occur periodically, bringing them in as a temporary solution to scrub the air of mold, bacteria, pollen and other airborne pathogens.
  • Phase II of the Safe Air Plan will implement the larger AirBox Apex units for cafeterias, band rooms, auditoriums and other areas with greater square footage and higher occupancy. The Apex provides up to 1500 CFM of airflow.

AirBox filled an immediate need for the school district on time and within budget allowing for a long-term sustainable solution to address the Indoor Air Quality for years to come.


“We partner with AirBox because they have the best available solution to achieve our goals of providing a safer environment for our students, faculty, and staff. Their approach to improve building ventilation and mitigate airborne disease transmission makes them the perfect fit for our school. We were blown away at the quality of the product and test results and find that the ability to fully control our units from the computer allows us to monitor and assure our campus is well protected. As a bonus, this controllability allows us to maximize energy efficiency, minimize maintenance, and monitor other things like temperature, humidity, and CO2. We have kept adding units and found AirBox to be a long term partner!”

~ jeff morris, cfo at brentwood christian academy

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