The AIRBOX™ line of air purifiers are the most effective, efficient and beautiful way to provide a lifetime of clean, fresh, breathing air for you and your family. Pure and simple, the AIRBOX™ is the highest quality product of its kind available today. Designed by Cleanroom Industry Experts and hand built by American Craftsmen, the AIRBOX™ integrates industrial quality elements into beautiful cabinetry that places well into any home or office setting.

The AIRBOX™ Peak Series-S and Peak Series-C

Whole House Air Purification

AIRBOX™ Peak Series-S Air Purifier white cabinet.

The Peak Series-S shares its internal technology with the Series-C. The Peak Series-S is our ‘Stand Alone’ floor model, which can be put anywhere in your home. It is a beautifully designed enclosure. The Peak Series-C is our ‘Cabinet’ model, designed to be built into custom cabinetry and will purify the air quietly, efficiently, and without being noticed.

Clean air for your home, medical and industrial applications, the AIRBOX™ Peak Series-S is categorically the most effective and efficient Air Purifier on the market today. Providing over 24,000 Cubic feet per hour of Antimicrobial, Chemical and Hepa Filtration, it measures a mere 12”x12”x27” in size.

Industrial High Capacity Filters allow exceptionally high flow rates and extended service life:

Activated Carbon Filter 4” Deep Pleated Media

Encapsulated in Rapid Adsorption Media, the Activated Carbon removes Chemicals, VOC’s, bio effluents and other objectionable odors. Unique to activated carbon filters, the encapsulation media acts as a pre-filter and prevents carbon particles from loading downstream antimicrobial and HEPA filters. The AIRBOX™ Activated Carbon filters have an Ozone 5 rating with greater than 50% Ozone removal efficiency.

Antimicrobial Filter 4” Radial Pleated Media

The AIRBOX™ Antimicrobial Filter meets all published hospital filter efficiency guidelines and is 99.9999% effective at inhibiting the growth of microbial elements. Rated ISO 16890 ePM2.5-55 the Antimicrobial Filter also acts as an extremely effective pre-filter in reducing the particle load and substantially extending the life on the final HEPA Filter.

HEPA Filter 3.5” Deep Pleated Media w Controlled Media Spacing (CMS)

High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters are the World Standard for the provision of “Clean Air”. The AIRBOX™ HEPA filter is 99.99% effective in removing the most penetrating particle size of 0.3 micron. Its even more effective in capturing smaller particles. Unique to the AIRBOX™ HEPA is the Controlled Media Spacing which provides low resistance to air flow enabling the high flow capacity of the AIRBOX™.

High Efficiency Fan/Motor Package

Designed and built by German Engineers, the Heart of the AIRBOX™ is the most advanced Fan/Motor assembly available today. Built to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a lifetime, Energy Star efficient the AIRBOX™ Fan/Motor package will provide over 12,000 Cubic feet per hour (CFH) of clean air using less than 50 Watts of power. On the other hand, if shear volume is what you need, the AIRBOX™ will deliver over 24,000 CFH at less than 170 watts. The speed/volume control of the AIRBOX™ is provided by a simple dial potentiometer. Thereby, eliminating complex electronics or boards and mitigating electrical issues. Utilization of Aerospace grade hardware and electrical connectors affords a 10 year warranty of the Fan/ Motor Package inclusive of electrical circuitry.

The AIRBOX™ Apex Commercial Air Purifier

Commercial Air Purifiers

AIRBOX™ Apex Commercial Air Purifier

The Apex Unit is a one-of-a-kind industrial-grade air purifier with the power to clean the constant expulsion of particles into our air in larger commercial spaces, especially high-traffic locations. Like the name suggests, the Apex Series is the pinnacle of clean air technology. Integrated with the same technology as many high-profile, high-tech clean rooms in the country, the Apex Series provides the purest air money can buy.

Integrated Clean-Room Technology

The Apex Series is equipped with the same type of Fan Filter Unit that is used in many high-profile, high-tech clean rooms around the country. This fan technology integrates a built-in HEPA filter featuring a 10 year life cycle. Whatever your application, the Apex Series will surely exceed your clean air expectations as it meets all International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Standards for commercial clean rooms.

Mobile, Stationary, or Suspended

The Apex Series can be suspended from the ceiling using steel ¼” 20 all thread or can be placed standing on the ground. The unit is portable with casters for easy moving to your high-traffic areas.

High-Strength Brushed Aluminum Casing

Proudly built in the USA, the quality of materials used to construct the Apex Series allows it to withstand the most brutal conditions and environments. Rest-assured knowing the Apex Series will provide a lifetime of clean air. We are so confident in the durability that every unit includes a Lifetime Warranty on Materials and Craftsmanship.

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