About Us


Tim Self Inventor Airbox Air PurifierMy name is Tim Self, developer of the AirBox.

My name is Tim Self, and I suffered for years with allergies. I searched for effective air purifiers and always came up disappointed. I was looking for the air purifier that did what it said it could do. At that point, I realized there was a need for an air purifier which is how AIRBOX was born. I took my 30 years of experience constructing and designing world-renowned clean rooms all over the world for leading companies. I developed and engineered a product that actually does what it says it can do. We invite you to breathe the cleanest air on the planet. AIRBOX, clean air, pure and simple.


At AIRBOX™ we are committed to serving our communities and aligning ourselves with organizations that do the same. We have ongoing partnerships with The Ronald McDonald House of Charleston, SC and The Ronald McDonald House of Austin, TX. AIRBOX™ is proud to provide the cleanest environments and the best air quality while these children recover and heal. We firmly believe in supporting youth programs which is why we are also aligned with Oceanside Collegiate Academy. This collegiate program provides a challenging curriculum, high academic standards and elite athletics. AIRBOX™ air purifiers have been placed in the athletic department and as a result the athletes remain healthy and free of staph infections.

What AIRBOX™ Customers Are Saying

Product, Shipping and Customer Service was outstanding!
AirBox is the first air purifier that I have ever owned since, in all honesty, I never thought that one was needed. Typically these units are big, unattractive and not something that I’d want displayed in my home.
AB unit arrived in a fairly large box and the packaging was quite impressive! It was easy to unpack and everything was perfectly intact. The assembly was a breeze too; unpack the box, remove plastic from filters, plug it in and turn it on. It’s seriously that easy!
AB instantly gave my home a sense of fresh outdoor air, similar to when we open our windows when we want to “air out” our homes. The unit is beautifully designed and so quiet! I would forget that it’s even in the house, but as I said, there is now a sense of clean fresh air.
Thank you AirBox for developing a product that every home needs.

Cole GlassonHomeowner - Austin, TX

We received our AirBox less than a week after we ordered it. We also added a custom top and still received it quickly. The box arrived with a great packing kit and everything was professionally packed, labeled, and included detailed set up instructions. We had the box unloaded, unpacked, and the Airbox plugged in and turning air within 15 minutes from the time we brought it in the house. We turned it on the first time right before we went to bed and the next morning, without even thinking about it, I noticed a different smell in the house when I walked out of the bedroom. I typically notice our dog’s odor and I did not once we started running the Airbox. I have also noticed in the week we have had it, the dust in our condo, which is on the lake, has substantially been reduced. So far a winner in our book. Highly recommend. As a side note I have not sneezed at all either!