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Quarterly Refresh Kits

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Refreshing Your AirBox

Quarterly Refresh Kits include one Antimicrobial Filter and one Activated Carbon Odor Reduction Filter. Each of these filters has a finite life that is dependent on loading. Refreshing your AirBox by replacing these filters regularly assures your AirBox stays operating at its highest efficiency.

AirBox recommends replacing both the Activated Carbon Filter and the Antimicrobial Filter every 90 days to assure peak performance.

Activated Carbon adsorbs chemical molecules many of which have odors while many are odorless. Over time and depending on the quantity of these molecules present in your environment, the carbon becomes saturated and is no longer adsorbent. So, the actual life of the Activated Carbon Filter depends on the presence of pets, household cleaning agents, cooking odors and so on. Changing this filter every 90 days is prudent in assuring your AirBox is removing harmful and malodorous chemicals at peak efficiency and protecting you and your family from exposure to these chemical.

The Antimicrobial Filter acts as a pre-filter to the Primary Particle Filter and over time it will get loaded with particles and restrict airflow thereby reducing the volumetric capacity of your AirBox. However, rest assured the Antimicrobial properties of this Filter will NOT diminish over this time period. In other words, replacement every 90 days is recommended only to assure peak airflow. The filter will continue to reduce your family’s exposure to harmful pathogens.

AirBox recommends subscribing to the Clean Air for Life Program to assure continuous and timely refresh of your AirBox.

Benefits of Clean Air for Life Program

  • Assures your AirBox continuously performance at its highest level
  • Free Shipping of Refresh kits
  • Free Primary Filter every 24 months
  • Replacement Filters arrive on the date filter replacement is recommended