Proud to be the only commercial-grade Air Purifier
Made in USA

AIRBOX™ is the only commercial-grade air purifier made in USA that uses Certified HEPA filtration to affect room air flow Using dynamic room purge technology®.

We’re proud of the commitment we’ve made to domestic production — and the positive community impact that this decision is creating in small-town America.


All AirBox models are proudly made in the USA, at our manufacturing facility in North Carolina. 

Like other manufacturers that boast “Made in the USA” status, we do source certain parts internationally. At AirBox, that’s because we’re constantly in pursuit of the best parts the world has to offer, like top-quality German fans.

Take a tour of our Statesville, North Carolina, production facility and meet some of our production team:


We’re proud of the fact that we’re the only commercial safe air solutions provider with every single air purifier made in the USA because we believe it’s the right thing to do. This choice creates strategic value and benefits, both for us and the communities we operate in.

Investing in local communities

AirBox’s safe air solutions leverage the latest in cleanroom and air purification technology. Yet we’ve made the commitment to investing in local communities in the Carolinas by locating our manufacturing, distribution, and customer support facilities in small-town America.

Our business provides meaningful incomes for dozens of local families in Statesville, North Carolina, and we give back to our communities in other ways, too.

reducing our carbon footprint

The choice to manufacture overseas comes with significant environmental effects — from relying on factories in regions with less stringent environmental regulation to the carbon emission of shipping halfway around the globe on diesel-powered cargo ships.

Yet everyone else in the commercial air purifier market has made the choice to follow that model. We think this choice a bit ironic in an industry committed to cleaning up the air, not dirtying it!

By manufacturing every AirBox air purifier in the USA, we’re reducing our carbon footprint, working toward a cleaner and brighter future for the planet.

Simplifying supply chain issues

Another result of our commitment to creating an industry-leading commercial air purifier made in USA is that we are better able to navigate supply chain issues than companies relying on complex international production.

We’re living through the most complex supply chain disruption in history, and it shows no signs of resolving anytime soon. Companies that manufacture in Asia and ship products via container are facing a constant battle simply to get their products to the USA. Many are facing lengthy fulfillment delays and are failing to meet customer demand.

By committing to a US-based manufacturing philosophy, AirBox has avoided the worst of these supply chain issues. As a result, we’re able to respond more quickly to customers, going from initial contact to fully deployed solutions far faster than the competition .